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MCR needs to be installed only ONCE on the target machine.
Afterwards you don't need to package it with your code.

 Ender wrote:
> Ender wrote:
>> Chris Cottingham wrote:
>>> Ender wrote:
>>>> My question is concerning this statement:
>>>> "Component Runtime (MCR) corresponding to the Matlab
> version
>> in
>>>>>> which
>>>>>> the executable was compiled must first be
> installed.
>>>>>> This can be found in the matlab directory, then
>>>>>> \toolbox\compiler\deploy\win32\. The file
> is
>>> called
>>>>>> MCRInstaller.exe, and is approximately 150Mb."
>>>> Could someone explain to me how this works. I want to
> able
>> to
>>>> run
>>>> my excutable on another computer that doesn't have
> MatLab.
> I
>> can
>>>> run
>>>> my excutable in its specified folder without running
> MatLab,
>> but
>>>> other who try running my excutable on machines that do
> not
>> have
>>>> MatLab are having trouble because an error message
> up
>>> saying
>>>> that the excutable could not find a .dll file.
>>>> If I am understanding this correctly, I need to have
>>>> Installer.exe file with my excutable whenever I want to
> run
>> the
>>>> excutable. Also, if anyone wants to run my excutable on
>> machine
>>>> that does not have MatLab do they have to run the MCRI
>> Installer
>>>> first before they run the excutable?
>>> You don't need the MCRInstaller.exe in the same folder, but
> you
>> do
>>> need to run it on machines that do not have matlab on
> you
>>> run
>>> the executable
>> Whenever I send my excutable to another user, I must make sure
> that
>> I
>> send the MCRInstaller.exe? Correct. Once they install the
>> MCRINstaller.exe what files must they install from the
>> files that the installer creates.
> The MCRInstaller.exe is too big for me send to the end user so that
> the user can run the program. This doesn't make sense. If I am
> supposed to have this file to run the program on a computer that
> doesn't have MatLab, yet it is too big send to the other machine
> what's the use of the compiler?
> Also I have assumed that my version of MatLab has compiled the
> program that I specified. I am assuming this based of of the fact
> that my computer:
> 1. created an myfunction.exe file
> 2. I have the MCRInstaller.exe in my toolbox
> I need some advice on what to do next