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Ender  <> wrote:

>> I know what files I need to give to the end user. That is not the
>problem at this time. The problem is the MCRInstaller.exe is too
>large to be sent electronically or at least it is from my end. The
>end user can't run the excutable indpendently without the
>MCRInstaller.exe, but I can't send the program because 76MB is too

Then your problem would not be solved if Matlab compiled everything
into one executable. Your executable would simply be 76 Mb larger
than it currently is (150 Mb for 7.4 I read.)

Mathworks isn't simply throwing junk into MCRInstaller.exe :
that's where the code is to actually *do* everything built-in.
You need that code to run -- whether the code all lives in one
file (your executable) or lives in two files (the part that is just your
program plus the runtime.)
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