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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 21:13:35 -0400
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Walter Roberson wrote:
> In article <ef5b10f.31@webcrossing.raydaftYaTP>,
> Ender <> wrote:
>>I still don't fully understand. The end user is having problems
>>excuting my program. Whenever the user tries to excute my
> and
>>error comes up saying "mclmcrrt70.dll was not found.
>>the application may fix the problem"
>>I don't know what that means. Whenever I run the same excutable
> my
>>computer the program works flawlessly.
> Because you have Matlab fully installed on your computer, which
> installed mclmcrrt70.dll in passing.
>>I thought I needed to install
>>the MCRInstaller.exe on the end user's machine, but if your
>>that I need the MCRInstaller.exe to run the excutable program
> The installer writes a whole series of files into appropriate
> locations,
> I believe.
>>will I be able to distribute the installer.exe if the file is
>>large to send?
> You don't. And if Mathworks supplied a method that compiled
> everything
> into a single file, that single file would be too large to send as
> well.
> If ~80 Mb is too large for you to distribute, then you are not
> using a language which is suitable for your economic constraints.
> Personally, I would note that burning a CD costs about 50 cents
> these days, plus postage -- but you have declared the file as
> "too large to send", and we must presume that you explored such
> alternatives before (repeatedly) making that statement; along
> with alternatives such as uploading the file once to one of the
> many
> file upload sites and telling your several customers where to find
> it.
> Did you explore
> <>
> "Request a product trial" ?
> Then at least *you* wouldn't be distributing the file, your users
> would be getting it from somewhere else. As I don't know why ~80 Mb
> is too large to distribute, I don't know whether that makes any
> difference to you.
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  For the sake of clarification I'm going to explain my position a
little bit better. I plan on sending my excutable to a user that is
not in a close proximity to myself. So if I wanted to burn a CD I
would need to mail this CD to him.The price of a CD is irrelevant to
the questions that I asked. I don't want to take this approach to
accomplish my goal.

Furthermore, I don't have enough computer programming experience to
know that I could put my excutable on a website and distribute the
information that way.