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Subject: Re: greater than or less than
Date: 30 Aug 2007 18:18:22 GMT
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"Ender " <> wrote in news:fb5j2h$2n2$

> I am writing a program that is going to plot a function. I 
> don't know the correct way to write a matlab function that 
> will: 10<=x<=1.2*y   (1)
> y=3.2
> Whenever I type in the code as is, MatLab wants me to 
> define x. I am going to put x in another function, ex 
> 2.7+x=t. I am going to plot x vs. t. I just don't know how 
> to tell MatLab to take values in between the range of the 
> above stated values in equation (1).

You should really read the Getting Started section.

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