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> You can use an undocumented feature of all Matlab
> uicontrols, which is the fact that they use underlying 
> Swing controls, and these in turn accept any valid HTML
> strings. So you can do the following for example:
> uicontrol
> This is equivalent to the tex string '\bf1_23^45\rm'. You
> can set font faces, colors, sizes, bold/italic and any 
> valid HTML 3.0 property. It's limited, but should do the
> trick in most conceivable cases.
> The same is true for tooltips, by the way: try setting
> multi-line (<br>) multi-colored (<font color="red"> ...
> </font>) tooltip once and you'll never use the standard
> boring single-line black tooltip again...
> And just in case you were wondering - yes, it also works 
> menus, listboxes etc.
> Yair Altman

Hello, this was a great feature I didn't know about. 
However, this works with every uicontrol except with static 
text, the one I needed. So I guess the text uicontrol 
doesnt' have this underlying Java Swing control. But thanks 
to all of you who tried to help.