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Ishmael  <> wrote:
>In Matlab 6.5, you could select a word, then click Control-h to very
>quickly find subsequent occurrences of that word.  Control-Shift-H
>searched backwards.  This avoided the need for using the slow search/
>replace gui (also very useful, don't get me wrong).  How do I get the
>Matlab 7.5 editor to behave this way?  (Note that F3, which is
>labelled 'Find Next' in the pull-down menu, does NOT work).

I don't have an exact answer for that, but possibly for your purposes,
control-S (search forward) and control-R (search backwards) would
be useful. Both are incremental searches: you start typing the
target string and it repositions you as you go. To find the next
occurance, control-S or control-R again while you are already in
this search mode.

This is not the same as picking up something already selected,
but it is much much faster than going through the control-h
search and replace gui.
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