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Subject: Re: User Entry if and statement
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On Apr 17, 8:26=A0pm, "Ender " <> wrote:
> I am writing code that is going to ask a question than do
> certain routines after the user inputs an answer for the
> first question.
> user_entry =3D input('i or e? =A0 =A0 ','s'); =A0 % ask for user
> input asking which function do you want to solve for
> if 'i';
> =A0 =A0 disp('cool');
> elseif 'e';
> =A0 =A0 disp('ok');
> else disp('Please try again')
> end
> The display was just for testin purposes, but no matter
> what I type in for the response to the user_entry
> statement. MATLAB always displays 'cool'. MATLAB says that
> I have a character string variable for whatever letter I
> respond to the first question with, but then MATLAB always
> responds with 'cool' instead of performing the function of
> the if and statement.
> -Ender-

Sure, because 'i' is non-zero, when converted to a logical.  Try using
the strcmpi() function to compare your results to 'i' or 'e' strings.