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Answers to some of your questions:

1. Bridges can only be used for crossovers, they can't be 
used to have two 90 angles a the same coordinate.
2. You can not bridge pins, if I am not wrong you'll pay 
for them but they'll be ignored.
3. The example that described the cost of the bridge should 
give a net score of 25+3-(11*2) = 6
4. The size of the boards (as well as other parameters in 
the testsuite) are sampled from a distribution, therefore 
theoretically speaking there is no limit, but in practice 
you could expect that most likely the distributions of the 
board sizes wil resemble those in the sample testsuite.
5. "T" connections and "+" connections are possible and you 
do not pay extra but the number of wires used (3 and 4 
6. Darkness does not mean "do not answer question", I'll be 
around for a while, let me know if you have questions.

Good luck, 

P.S. As orginizer I get the chance to peek at some of your 
entries :), we have started receiving some interesting 
pieces of code.
The MathWorks Contest Team