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Even though I accidentally crashed the queue, I think I have
been able to figure out the scoring formula and am posting
it here as I traditionally do. I&#8217;ve determined it&#8217;s very
similar to the recent contests:

score = k1*result + k2*e(k3*runtime) +
k4*max(complexity-10,0) + k5*nodes


k1 = 0.1
k2 = 2
k3 = 2/30 (0.06666666&#8230;)
k4 = 1
k5 = 0.001

The current leading entry has a time of 56s, result of
141891, cyc of 25, and nodes of 4196. Here&#8217;s a breakdown of
the current tradoffs:

-cyc and score are a 1:1 ratio (i.e. each point shaved off
cyc is a point shaved off the score)
-time and score are a 1:5.7 ratio
-result and score are a 1:0.1 ratio
-node and score are a 1:0.001 ratio

David Jones entries have already settled in just at the
&#8216;knee&#8217; of the time exponential curve, which is rather flat
until about ~50s. However, because of the new time exponent
constant, we are going to see much more payoff in this
content in focusing on reducing the execution time versus
other scoring elements, probably down to the ~10 second range.

Unfortunately that probably also means that people are going
to end up taking the lead due to &#8216;luck of the draw&#8217; in the
minor variations we always see in execution times, since
they will be amplified more in the total score compared to
in the past.

Hope this helps everyone!