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I'd like to take a moment and respond to a couple of points.

Yes, I tweak bombed last night in an attempt to find some
optimal parameters for the various constants in the code.  I
deliberately waited until the wee hours of the morning to do
this since the majority of the leading players seem to
compete during USA daylight hours.  I'm sorry if this
inconvenienced some other players though.

I also only submitted enough entries to tie up the queue for
a couple hours, and during a time when there weren't any
other 'active' subprizes people were competing for, trying
to be considerate of the fact that the contest end is
nearing and people want to get feedback on their codes.
Since I used an automated script (written in MATLAB of
course;) to do this, I (or another player with less
integrity) could easily tie up the queue for the remainder
of the contest.

Please note that the rules explicitly ALLOW tweak bombing:
"Tuning the entry to the contest test suite via tweak
bombing or other techniques is still allowed, but we ask
that you not overwhelm the queue." However, how does one
define 'overwhelming' the queue?  This has been a reoccuring
issue in past contests and there have been various
suggestions, such as CAPTCHAs or random seeds to the RAND
function, which I think should be strongly considered.

Generally I'm not in favor of this type of 'style of play',
however I saw what I thought was an opportunity to be
involved in a way I haven't been involved before and thought
I'd try it out.  As an aside, since the queue is now at the
point where new entries aren't going to run until after the
contest closes, I intend to make one last stab at this in
the off chance I hit upon just the right parameters.