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"srach " <> wrote in
message <fvuln8$m57$>...
> For the final contest, I prepared lots of browser tabs and
> picked entries by random to apply this manipulation (and
> some different ones that were not quite successful). Then I
> waited the deadline to approach to submit all those entries.

Interesting approach, Stefan.  This sounds like an overview
of your test strategy would be a very interesting YouTube
video for others to start planning their strategy for the
Fall Contest. 

> Unfortunately, my poker face broke to early and, thus, I
> started submitting to early. 

> Big thanks to the team at matlab central for organizing
> another great contest and all the participants for an
> entertaining week. 

It was our pleasure!  Thank you to everyone who
participated. It was your actions, both with submissions and
in discussion, that make our contests such fun.