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"Sergey " <> wrote in message 
> Any new even mildly new code modification has to be tweaked 
> somehow to be competitive with previous highly tweaked 
> code. 

Hi Sergey:

You are right. Introducing a new idea to compete with
hyper-tweaked code is very difficult. We'd like to make it
easier. Can you think of things we might do to the contest
machinery to make it easier to introduce new algorithmic
ideas? Based on all the feedback so far, we will probably
introduce some kind of rate limiter (whether by CAPTCHA or
otherwise). What are some other ideas? I've often wondered
if people might flag new ideas explicitly with a message
like "please help me tweak a new concept into first place."
We tried a late stage twilight last time, but it didn't seem
to help, and it wasn't much fun.

Contest Team