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I do also second the idea of returning to twilight for the
last hour of the contest. In addition, I would suggest to
switch to a new testsuite for this last hour. This would
give algorithmic improvements a better chance against highly
tweaked code. However, one should abandon the idea that this
last hour in twilight will leave time to optimize any code
to the new testsuite, because the queue will fill quite
quickly, I think.  

Regarding the tweak bombing, it is not "them" that are
spamming, it's us. Thus, all we should need is a kind of
agreement how many entries per person are considered normal
participation, and at which number of entries spamming
starts. Thus, if we agree on only submitting only about 100,
200, or 400 entries, we don't need a CAPTCHA (still I would
welcome one). Of course, one can still use different aliases
for submissions, but we all are free not to do so.
Nevertheless, the queue will still get pretty crowded close
to deadlines. 

Same is true for obfuscating, we should simply don't do it.
My impression of the current contest was, that obfuscation
was less frequent compared to earlier contests, although it
appeared to result in slightly faster run-times. 

In this contest, I liked the 1000 node contest; it is much
better than the 1000 character contest, because there is no
need anymore to obfuscate in order to reach the character

Maybe it should be considered to extend the first twilight a
little bit to allow more time for the development of
different algorithms. 

Stefan aka srach