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"Kira " <> wrote in 
message <g0kbks$ros$>...
> Hi all, 
> I need some advice on how to get a 2D projection of a 3D
> point cloud.
> I have a matrix that is nx3, which I use plot3 to plot.  I
> can rotate the image through various angles and what I want
> to do is get the 2D projection of the specific angle that I
> am viewing.  More specifically, I need the area of the
> projection.
> Any suggestions would be great.  If you want to contact me
> directly, please remove the words "removethis" from my email
> listed above.

Area is not a meaningful concept to apply to
a list of scattered data points. Perhaps you
mean the area of the convex hull?

Assuming that you have some data in an nx3
array like this...

xyz = randn(100,3); % just some random data

Use view to get the current viewing angles.

[az,el] = view;

Construct the normal vector to the viewing
plane from these angles.

az = az*pi/180;
el = el*pi/180;
normalvec=[1 0 0]*[cos(az) sin(az) 0;-sin(az) cos(az) 0;0 0 1];
normalvec=normalvec*[cos(el) 0 sin(el);0 1 0;-sin(el) 0 cos(el)];

Project into the viewing plane.

uv = xyz*null(normalvec);

Compute the convex hull in the viewing

hull = convexhull(uv(:,1),uv(:,2));

And compute the area of the resulting
polygon using polyarea.

A = polyarea(uv(hull,1),uv(hull,2));

I've not checked this very carefully. But it
should be close.