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Subject: Re: how to find pixels inside ellipse ?
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"elflord woods" <> wrote in message <g1bsct$ggh
> hi all
> I have an ellipse region in an image and i know the size of
> the ellipse axes and its orientation
> how can i extract all the pixels inside this ellipse region .
> thanks
  I assume you also know the location of the ellipse's center.  Call that (x0,y0).  
Let t be the counterclockwise angle the major axis makes with respect to the 
x-axis.  Let a and b be the semi-major and semi-minor axes, respectively.  If 
P = (x,y) is an arbitrary point then do this:

 X = (x-x0)*cos(t)+(y-y0)*sin(t); % Translate and rotate coords.
 Y = -(x-x0)*sin(t)+(y-y0)*cos(t); % to align with ellipse



is less than 1, the point P lies inside the ellipse.  If it equals 1, it is right on 
the ellipse.  If it is greater than 1, P is outside.

Roger Stafford