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Subject: Re: Uniformly Distribute Points inside Polygon
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 19:08:46 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 4, 6:59=A0pm, "Roger Stafford"
<> wrote:
> wrote in message <de4780ca-dfdc-4d69-
>>...> .......
> > -Assume a and b are vectors to the polygon in a cartesian plane, a has
> > the x direction points and b has the y direction points
> > -Assume m points in the x direction
> > -Assume n points in the y direction
> > ......
> --------
> =A0 When I first read your question, I interpreted it as asking for a rand=
> distribution of points within the polygon with a statistically uniform dis=
> therein. =A0That is what I described. =A0If you want an actually uniform d=
istribution of
> a meshwork of points, then what you are doing is probably as good a method=
> any. =A0Sorry for the misinterpretation.
> Roger Stafford

Thanks for all your feedback everyone... While I might be able to get
this meshgrid of points to work, I'd ideally want to specify an
*exact* number of points inside the polygon. With the meshgrid, I
won't know how many points will fall into the polygon beforehand. I
think the triangle method is the best way to do it so far, but I
haven't exactly figured out how to implement it... Seems like it'd be
an iterative process depending on the number of points and creating
that same number of triangles.. Any more insight into how to do this?
Thanks again!