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"stinkinrich88 Coombez" <> wrote in message 
> Hello,
> I would like a function similar to the rnd function but I
> want the generated numbers to be weighted, i.e. I would like
> the function to be more likely to give me a higher number
> than a lower number and I would like to be able to specify
> this probability. 
> For example, the betarnd function almost does what I want. I
> can make a sloping probability distribution with it. The
> only trouble is the probability distribution bulges slightly
> in the middle and I want it to be straight. 
> Is there any function I can use to do this? Or a function
> that gives me random numbers (between 0-1) using a formula
> that I specify?
> Thanks!

While you can indeed generate your own
random generator for a linear pdf, it is
also trivial to use the stats toolbox and the
beta distribution. You just need to choose
the proper set of parameters.

ezplot(@(x) betapdf(x,2,1),[0 1])