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"Leon galushko" <> wrote in
message <g6l6lu$40r$>...

> '% Beware, his is Bruno's linprog, not MATLAB one in
> optimization
>     % tool box, the result may be different.
>     sol = linprog([], [], a', b, cost, L, U);'
> Wouldn't run it with some Stadard- MatLab of mine?
> Leon

I don't know. I do not have MATLAB linprog and I try to
simulate it with my own LP solver obviously without succeed.

What I want to solve is this continue pb
  minimize cost * x with constraints
     L <= x <= U and a'*x = b

I'm not sure what is the correct syntax of MATLAB linprog to
ignore linear-inequality constraint, I put empty matrix but
MATLAB obviously doesn't like. Hope someone can help.

Otherwise could you try to replace with the following line
with a dummy inequality matrix:

sol = linprog(zeros(size(a')), 1, a', b, cost, L, U);