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"a programmer" <> wrote in message <gevjr0$mfl$>...
> "Jos " <> wrote in message <gev97h$pim$>...
> > Dear all,
> > 
> > A multitude of the more recent submissions, reviews and comments posted on the FEX  have nothing to do with matlab or sharing scientific ideas. Yes, I am talking about Marco's trolling behavior evoking equally useless reactions of others. 
> > 
> > Like others before me, I am seriously considering moving my files elsewhere. I once proposed to have a FEX implementation in which one could filter out submissions in which you (as a FEX member) are not interested, perhaps using tags. However, such a thing is still impossible.
> > 
> > Just some thoughts after a long day at work...
> > 
> > Best,
> > Jos
> > 
> I'm sorry Jos. My comments on that file did not add any value. Didn't mean to offend you. I will stop reviewing Marco.

I have to admit that I also posted nonsense reviews on Marco files, and it took me some time to learn that it is not doing any good. So, it is not primarily your (or even Marco's ) behavior that led to my post. 
I simply do not like to browse through a lot of non-information before finding something interesting. It should be quite easy to implement some personal filter on the FEX. This could even be applied to excellent submissions. For instance, when searching for functions that do something with random numbers, I do not want to see all the functions I already have downloaded, written myself, or have seen before and find not useful.