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Amount of scent deposited by one ant is limited to 0-100 by processing software. If ant attempts to deposit more than 100 it will be processed as 100.
About coding: Ants deposit scent &#8220;simultaneously&#8221; and they can not communicate with each other. For example, three ants in one cell can not reliably deposited together exactly five units of scent


"Daniel Armyr" <> wrote in message <gf4vq3$j2q$>...
> Hi everyone.
> I have been looking over some of the high scoring entries and compare them to the rules I found a slight discrepancy. In the rules, it says that the scent an ant leaves is a number between 1 and 100, but several entries seem to thrive on using numbers much bigger than this. Is this an overinterpratation on my part, or a breech of the rules?
> If it is not a breech of the rules, has someone used the escents to encode more complex measurements than the relative distance home? A double value is 64 bits long. Over the course of a match, you need to drop 10 bits of data to allow for the decrease in scent over time. That leaves (in theory) 54 pits per square to encode arbitrary data into. Using the neighbouring squares as well and ant has immediate read and rather quich write access to 9*54 bits, or over 60 bytes of persistent memory. This should be enough for the ants to encode the entire map into and thus begind working systematically from the start to the end.
> Comments on this? I am not enough of a programmer to implement this, but considdering the level of some of you here, it should be a breeze for someone....
> --DA