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Hi all,

the deadline is over, and now look at the queue! Short after deadline I counted 926 entries!!! The leading entries need 160 seconds to compute. Supposing that most of the entries in the queue are modifications of them, we can expect that the queue will take at least one and a half day to clear!! The one responsible for most of the delay is Alan Chalker. He submitted 397 entries during the last 23 minutes, obviously using some automatic upload program.

Alan, this is really a shame!!!

Please have a look at the "Hacking" section of the Contest Rules. It says "it's too hard for the few of us running the contest to keep ahead of the group intelligence" and "we ask that you not overwhelm the queue". Submitting nearly 400 entries may clearly be called "overwhelmed".

What do the other think about that? Shouldn't Alan's entires be disqualified due to violation of the rules?