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> 1. According to the statistics page (, I wasn't even close to being the person that submitted the most overall entries.  

The statistics page clearly does not contain entries that have not been evaluated yet. As I said, you submitted 397 entries during the last 23 minutes, making you the number one spammer. Which does not mean that I support David Jones and SY doing spamming as well!!

> 2. The first quote from the rules you gave is taken out of context.  The full quote says: "Entries that compromise the contest machinery are no longer allowed. ...

You are right, I did not quote 100% correct. But the meaning of the sentence "it's too hard for the few of us running the contest to keep ahead of the group intelligence" can also be seen in context with the problems implementing a captcha. 

> 3. You also didn't fully copy the second quote you gave, which is: "Tuning the entry to the contest test suite via tweak bombing or other techniques is still allowed, but we ask that you not overwhelm the queue."  Thus the rules EXPLICITLY allow tweak bombing.

So the plea of the contest team does not mean anything to you???

> I'm sorry if you don't like the fact that I have a lot of entries clogging up the queue right now, but I respectfully submit to you that what I did is fully allowed by the rules and was well within the spirit of the competition. 

If you think that it is in the spirit of the competition, please upload your submission script on Matlab Central. In the next contest we will all fill the queue so that we have to wait for weeks or month for the contest winner and the contest team will have to keep the contest machine running for that time. Great!!

By the way, winning the contest by luckily selecting the best parameter set is not a great achivement. Winning the darkness or twilight prize as well as contributing any code segment making the algorithm better/faster is much more honorable in my eyes.