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I don't want to start a flamefest, but I think you are being a little bit hypocritical regarding this situation.  I'd like to point out your commentary from the contest a year ago (at that you were the grand prize winner of.  Specifically:

"... So I started an incredible session of "copy & paste", randomly choosing submissions from the queue and pasting the repmat-tweak. Minutes before the deadline I clicked the "submit" button in about 40 open browser tabs. In the late evening (Central European time) I saw that "M07" took the lead and that I had luckily selected and tweaked that submission from the queue before."

So was that an 'honorable' way to win?  Was it a 'great achievement'?  You noticed something in that contest that could potentially improve the score and randomly 'rolled the dice' on submitting entries.  While I submitted quite a few more entries this time, I essentially did the same thing in that I noticed something that could potentially improve the score, tried it against a lot of other entries, and am hoping to get lucky.   

As I said in my other messages, this contest means different things to different people.  I try playing a certain way and you try another way.  My actions in no way impacted your ability to compete in the contest, so I'm not sure why you are so upset about them.  If they have a impact on the contest organizers somehow, that's another issue.  But nothing I've seen or heard indicates that is the case.