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> "... So I started an incredible session of "copy & paste", randomly choosing submissions from the queue and pasting the repmat-tweak. Minutes before the deadline I clicked the "submit" button in about 40 open browser tabs. In the late evening (Central European time) I saw that "M07" took the lead and that I had luckily selected and tweaked that submission from the queue before."

You are absolutely right! That contest win was also nothing more than luck with a little tweak. I am much more proud of my two Twilight Prize wins. I have written that view one paragraph below from where you took the references.

But I see one difference: My "repmat" tweak improved the score of some submissions about 0.01 or such. If someone else had submitted a new algorithm in the last seconds of the contest, I would not have won with that tweak. Your frequent submissions during the contest, however, lead to an extreme overfitting of the solver to the testsuite. This way an algorithmic improvement will have only small chances to make it to the top.