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I appreciate the kind words, and am flattered that my code became the base everyone was working with for most of the contest.  It was both humbling and exciting to see what others did with my original code.  Thank you.

One of the frustrations of this contest for me was the way random variation could seem to swamp improvements to the algorithm.  At the end I was working on an improvement that I hoped would give me an edge:  looking at the opposing ant scent, and turning off the aggression if they happened to be moving sugar in the same direction.  (I can't take credit for this idea; it was suggested by Doug Hull in the first contest video.)  As far as I could tell from looking at the leading entries, nobody else was doing this.  It seemed to work well on the test set, but in the end, it wasn't enoughto win the grand prize.  (It did score what I believe was the best result using my old code base, 21801.3768 for Kumbayah 25.)

It looks like the winner was submitted by a bot.  Nevertheless, congratulations to Fabio C. for his apparent first place finish!