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Subject: Re: sorting, 2D vector, puzzle piece shaped
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On Nov 14, 10:47=A0am, "Mahdieh" <>
> I have a nx2 vector, which includes the XY coordinates of the n points.
> When plotted, these points create a shape looking like a puzzle piece.
> Now, I need to sort this vector, such that by connecting two consequent p=
oints in the vector, I would get the permieter of the shape. i.e. consequen=
t points in the vector, correspond to adjacent point in the graph.
> I have tried:
> 1- =A0a. calculating the centroid, b. choosing one point in the vector c.=
 sorting based on the angle between two lines, one passing through centroid=
 and b.point, other line passing through centroid and any point on the vect=
or ...
> 2- a. dividing the shape into 4 quadrants, b. sorting each quadrant based=
 on X or Y c. connecting them together
> none of the methods, accomplish sorting the whole shape ...
> I am out of algorithms,
> any help would be really appreciated ...
> Thanks a lot
> -Mah

Not sure why you're having such difficulty.  Just add a pair of
elements at the end of the array that are the same as the first
coordinate of the array (so you'll get a closed curve), and use the
plot command.  It's quite capable of plotting a closed curve such as a
jigsaw puzzle piece.  Why do you need to do sorting????