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Subject: Re: How can I plot multiple graphs on the same single plot using GUI?
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"Adam" <> wrote in message <gfuvrk$4l4$>...
> "Bernard Lee" <> wrote 
> > Your method solved my problem...but now i dont know how to update the legend of the graph.
> What do you want to update?  Just the names?
> legendString = {'one', 'two'};
> hL = legend(legendString);
> Now if you modify legendString you can update the legend
> legendString{1} = 'three';
> set(hL, 'String', legendString)
> Sorry if this doesn't answer your question (I didn't read everything because I would approach the problem differently)
> ~Adam

I accidentally posted a reply higher up in this thread... Didn't know that was possible. Anyway, I answered the legend question there as well.

Sorry about double postings...