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> Hello all, i have a problem with ellipse fitting experiment i'm trying
> to do for my class:
> In an experiment of image processing, we have collected the scattered
> data of an ellipse, which is contained in the data file and figure
> attached in zip file.
> Question asked is to  estimate the location, size and orientation of
> the ellipse from the scattered data and to draw the ellipse which best
> fits the scattered data based on the estimation results.
> How would i go about using that set of data into my function? I tried
> to open a file with data, but all i get
> >> load('C:\Users\George\Documents\ellipse_v7.mat')
> >>
> And nothing happens after that.
> Any help or pointers would be greatly appriciated. I'm not great with
> Matlab, but i'm trying to learn

to be able to see the data, you have assign it to something,for example
    x = data(:,1)';
    y = data(:,2)';


btw, there are some fitellipse functions in FileExchange