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First, thanks a lot for your time and effort, Roger. I really appreciate the help. The code you've provided is a very smart piece of coding and i humbly admit that i havent quite figured out how it works.

However, it isn't faster. it brought the time down by 2s on a sample data with 364685 particles and 18750 cells but increased the processing time by 20s on a sample with the same number of particles and 2535 cells. Very unfortunate to be honest coz i absolutely loved this solution.

do u think there is any way to optimize it wrt number of cells as well? there'll always be significantly more particles.    

"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <ghp95o$27o$>...
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>   I worked out the details of that scheme I told you about, Jayveer, and include it below.  However, I do so with misgivings, since my impression is that it is very much slower than your method.  You can try it out and see.