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Praetorian <> wrote in message <>...
> > Is this an answer to my question? As you can see for yourself your approa=
> ch doesn't work, like I said.
> >
> > ?yvind
> What do you mean it doesn't work? I retrieved the metaclass
> information for a class whose name was stored in a string variable
> without using EVAL. Isn't that what you wanted? Anyway, Doug has a
> solution that doesn't even require string concatenation.

No, you retrieved a metaclass object for the 'char' class. This is the expected behaviour when you input a string to metaclass(). Compare the output of 
>> metaclass('?memmapfile')
>> ?memmapfile
'?memmapfile' is a char object, that's the point here.

Thanks, Doug! That's the solution. Support told me there was no way around using eval here.

Well, another use of eval knocked down.