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Subject: Re: Why does everyone hate 'eval'?
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"us " <> wrote in message 
> "Johan Carlson"
>> I've been running into comments like "NO, NO, NO, WHATEVER YOU DO,  DO 
>> NOT USE EVAL!!!!' in various posts during the past few weeks...
> these lovely people are absolutely correct - and - let me add this, after 
> having used ML for 26 years - there is absolutely NO evil eval, which you 
> cannot possibly replace by a genuine string of ML commands or stock 
> functions...

I don't believe that's correct.  One use case that I haven't been able to 
think of a way to handle without using EVAL is converting a user-input 
string into an anonymous function.  [And yes, I filed an enhancement request 
for a way to do this, perhaps by enhancing STR2FUNC, back when anonymous 
functions were first under development.]  This would be useful for working 
with the "function functions".

function y = stringToAnonymous(str, vars)
y = eval(['@(' vars ') ' str]);

Steve Lord