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Subject: Linear Combination
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Anyone knows how to write a matlab code for linear combination?

Question: a=[43 50 86 93 129]. the linear combination between the elements of a can be expressed by using:
i) simple multiple of preceeding elements; e.g. a(3)=2a(1) 
ii) a multiple of a difference between two preceeding elements, added to a multiple of another preceeding elements; e.g. a(4)=[a(2)-a(1)]+2a(1)

The output of linear combination of the above matrix a should be:

a(2) has no linear combination;



a(5)=3a(1)and a(5)= [a(3)-a(1)]+2a(1)

note there can be more than one linear combination for each element.

Thank you sooooooooo much!:-)