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Subject: Re: how to rename a workspace variable in a loop?
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Matt wrote:
> Walter Roberson <> wrote in message <WlX1l.5935$%z5.391@newsfe09.iad>...

>> S = cell2struct(mat2cell(X,size(X,1),size(X,2),ones(1,size(X,3))),num2str((1:size(X,3)).','slice%d'),3);
>> save(OutputFileName,'S', '-struct');

> Well, okay. If you're point was that you don't need to use eval(), then yes.
> My point was more that this is an application requiring that arrays be assigned to
> dynamically named variables.

The application only really required dynamically named -fields-. And using dynamically
named -fields- is one of the recommended ways to avoid eval().

> The use of arrays, as encouraged by the FAQ, is not enough here.                             

The FAQ is only as good as its contributors make it. The Matlab Central team welcomes

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