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Subject: Re: how to rename a workspace variable in a loop?
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> for k = 1:size(X, 3)
>     S.(sprintf('slice%d', k)) = X(:, :, k);
> end
> save(OutputFileName,'S', '-struct');
> Unless your X has a lot of pages, though, the FOR 
> loop won't have to execute for very long.  And IMO it's more easily read 
> than Walter's two-liner.

It has about 600 pages, but it doesn't matter. The actual execution of the save() command will clearly be the bottleneck here, regardless of the number of pages.

> The use of an array is insufficient in this case.  The use of a combination 
> of dynamic field names and the -struct flag for SAVE is sufficient to 
> accomplish the goal as you stated:  "later you want to load in one slice at 
> a time for some sort of slice-wise processing."

I don't draw much of a distinction between dynamic field names and dynamic variable names. They're about the same in their internal implementation anyway, no?