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Subject: Re: Doubt on usefulness of the FEX
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In article <gig9im$jo2$>,
 "Lars Barring" <> wrote:

> "Thomas Clark" <> wrote in message 
> <gig1t2$bk1$>...
> > Now, there IS a good idea - removal of files 'tagged' as spam. 
> > Simple to implement, and it helps keep the FEX tidy. 
> So, who will be able to tag files as spam to be removed?
> - Everyone? - And I predict that quite a few good files will be removed as a 
> revenge...
> - A few select? - Is what I would call censorship.
> The way to go is that everyone has the opportunity to personalise the ML 
> Central 
> by adding private tags, as was already suggested before. And an added 
> incentive 
> for TMW to implement this would possibly be that they get a free user 
> preference 
> survey of their customer base   ;-)
> best
> Lars

I absolutely agree with Urs and Lars.  Censorship (no matter what you 
call it) is a slippery slope.  There will always be the problem of where 
to draw the line.

The idea of having individual preferences is nice, but I fear it would 
require too much of a commitment from TMW.  They have to be willing to 
manage all those preferences and supply the resources for storage, 
whatever extra bandwidth is used, etc.  If they want to do it that would 
be great, but I still want no censorship no matter what.

Doug Schwarz
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