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It's actually an equation to simulate a PV panel output, anyway if it can be solved as one of them as a function of the other, i think it will work out, but can we do that? how it's possible to separate the two variables anyway. Thanks for your help

"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <giricv$1f6$>...
> "Abdalla Mohamed" <> wrote in message <girgbb$j74$>...
> \> ......
> > I am having a problem evaluating the following equation to get I and V where all the other terms are known.
> >  I= (i1)-(i2)*exp((V+I)/N)- ((V+I)/M)
> > .......
>   With two unknowns, one equation is not enough to determine them.  There are infinitely many combinations of I and V that would satisfy this one equation.  I have the feeling this isn't really what you meant.  Perhaps you want to find one of them as a function of the other?
> Roger Stafford