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Lorenzo <> wrote in message <>...
> Hi everybody and happy new year!
> I need to plot some pressure values upon a circle, so I have to work in cylindrical coordinates, ma I couldn't find a way to do it...
> The problem is this: I have the pressures values taken at some point upon the cylinder surface, the values I have are simple scalar, so I have a pressure vector: P=[p1 p2 p3 p4...] and every pressure value is taken for a certain angle upon the circular cylinder surface, TH=[th1 th2 th3 th4...] so what I want is: draw a circle (and I know how to do it) and then plot every pressure value for every angle starting from the circle border and going away from it...
> Any idea?
> Thanx
> Lorenzo

% use pol2cart to convert from cylindrical to cartesian:

doc pol2cart

% then plot the surface using meshgrid and contour, surf, etc.

doc meshgrid
doc contour
doc contourf
doc surf