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Subject: Re: Derivative input at time xxx is Inf or Nan
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On 4 Jan, 18:46, "venkata ragavan " <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I get the following error while i try to run my simulation.
> I have also tried using a memory block in the feedback line as suggested in few threads but it did not change the result. Pls do drop in your suggestions.

What do you not understand? The message? Or what to do with it?

If you don't know what a 'singularity' is, it is a bad numerical
condition which essentially means that the computations break
down. One example is divisions by 0, but there are many others.

The way to handle this problem is to find out where and why
it occurs, and if possible, restate the simulation to handle
this singularity.

This means that you need to investigate the simulation in
minute detail and find out where the problems occur. And
yes, *you* have to do that, since you are the only person
to have access to your models.