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Gautam wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to write MATLAB code to rotate a point in 3-space about an
> arbitrary axis. I have based my code on this article -
> The problem I am
> facing is that the maketform function expects the last column to
> comprise of all 0's except the last element in the last row which has to
> be a 1 for affine transformation. However, my composite transformation
> matrix does not adhere to this requirement. I am not sure I understand
> why the maketform function expects the last column to comprise of all 0s
> for an affine transformation. Any information on how to get around this
> problem would be appreciated.
> - Gautam.

In the article at the link you provided, the transform matrices are 
transposed from the convention used by the Image Processing Toolbox. 
Notice in that article that the bottom row is all 0s except the last 
element, which is 1.

Steve Eddins