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"V" <> wrote in message <gkl6sh$97r$>...
> Hi All,
> I am trying to numerically evaluate a double integral function, z = f(x,y) over the limits (0,75000). The typical values of z are in the range 0 to 10^5. So the volume calculated under the surface plot is very large. This integration step takes several minutes (typically 15-20 mins) but when the step is repeated 75 times (for varying limits - still in 10^3 units), the whole process can take several hours to complete. 
> I am wondering if anyone knows of a simpler way of solving the problem which takes large limits that takes reasonable to solve as opposed to the current time of a few hours. 
> Cheers...

Hello V, :)

I believe the answer to your question depends on your function f(x,y). Could you give a few more details about it?