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"Akim " <aaa@bbb.ccc> wrote in message <gkmlm5$f7s$>...
> Dear All,
> Matlab help tells me that "Multiplication and division are performed on only the nonzero elements of sparse matrices." What about something similar for the exponential?
> Specifically, given a sparse matrix A, I wish to obtain a sparse matrix B, such that
> B(i,j)=exp(A(i,j)), for all nonzero A(i,j)
> B(i,j)=0, for all zero A(i,j)
> I'm only interested in the exponents of the nonzeros, and calculating the exponents of a vast number of zeros slows things down a little bit.
> Thank you for your help.

Hi Akim, 

why not try 

B = exp(A(A~=0))

hth kinor