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edin <> wrote in message <>...
>   .......
>     for k=1:(m-1)
>         for i=1:k  
>             T(i)=(factorial(2*k)/(factorial(k)^2))/(factorial(2*(k-i))/(((factorial(k-i))^2)*(4^i)*(2*(k-i)+1)));
>             BR(i)=T(i)*(cos(atan(alfa(j))))^(2*(k-i)+1);   
>         end;
>             suma2=suma2+BR(i)/(1+gpsk.*gamasr(j)/m)^k;
>     end;
>     ........

  I see something fishy here.  In the line


you are using the index i outside of the for-loop that was indexing with i.  I think what you get will be the last value of i in the loop.  I don't think that is what you had in mind.  Perhaps you meant for the line to be inside the loop.

Roger Stafford