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Subject: averaging vectors of different dimensions
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i am tryin to average together several columns of different matrices,
each column of slightly different sizes (difference might be one or
two elements).
for example, my columns a, b, c might be:
  a = my_mat1(:, 2); # size 10
  b = my_mat2(:, 2); # size 12
  c = my_mat3(:, 2); # size 11

i want to make a new vector d that contains the averages of all their
values. the first 10 values can be averaged, then for the 11th i want
to have the average of b and c's values, and for the 12 value i only
want c's value.

is there an easy way to do this? a simple: a' + b' + c' ./ 3 does not
work because a b and c are all different sizes....

    thank you.