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Subject: Re: out of memory when using a breakpoint
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exabwu wrote:
> while running the code the normal way usually makes no problem I get
> an

> ??? Error using ==> zeros
> Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.
> when I set a breakpoint within an function.

I -speculate- that you might have a variable that is not used, or perhaps even
a computation sequence which produces a result that is not used. -Possibly-
when you run normally, the Just In Time (JIT) compiler does not bother creating
the variable. When you set a breakpoint, though, because you might want to
examine any of the variables, the JIT cannot omit that variable -- and having
that variable might happen to cause you to run out of memory.

There are additional possibilities if you are running a function by putting
your cursor in the function in the editor and pressing F5: if you are
doing that, then there are situations where you could run into that kind
of problem if you have a name conflict between one of your variables and
one of the matlab routines: in such a case, when you ran "normally", the
JIT will (in some situations) call the Matlab routine instead of using
the variable of the same name {if the variable was "poofed into existance"
by load() or assignin() or eval() or similar mechanism, instead of being
the target of a visible assignment statement.}
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