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"AJ Smith" <> wrote in message <glst9p$dql$>...
> I'm working on solving a system of non-linear equations in MATLAB. Currently I am able to solve a system of 3 equations with 3 unknowns using Newton's method (with a jacobian, etc). What I want to do is take 4 or more equations (still with 3 unknowns) and solve them, but when I do, the jacobian is non-square, therefore not invertable (also not compatible with the backslash operation). Does anybody have any ideas on how to go about soving this? Here are my equations, 'i' going from 1 to the number of equations I want. The knowns are a,b,and theta and the unknowns are x, y, and phi.
> 0 = a(i) - x - (b(i) - y)*tan(theta(i) + phi)
> Thanks!
> AJ

In this case you may apply my function LMFnlsq (FEX Id 17534), which is ready just for thiese tastks.
Good luck.