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"Patrick Wang" <> wrote in message <gltkg9$je4$>...
> Hi
> I was asked to implement an automatically zoom in feature in my lab, and I have figure out that I can sort my values, and delete the top few numbers and then apply max value to find the coordinate of the fifth largest value, and thus I can set my new x window limit. However, I do not know how to place the sorted array back into the original array, and I do not find "unsort" such command.
> The following is my code:
> RPSDBsort = sort(reversed_Power,'descend');
> RPSDBsort(1:5) = [];
> [y x] = max(RPSDBsort);
> display(RPSDBsort);
> display(x);
> display(y);
> and this would only return me the sorted array of the RPSDBsort, is there anyway that I can delete the biggest five values in the "reversed_Power" array?
> Thank you so much.
> Patrick

  You need the second argument returned by 'sort'.

 [RPSDBsort,p] = sort(reversed_Power,'descend');
 reversed_Power(p(1:5)) = [];

Roger Stafford