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"amarender " <> wrote in message <gmiuj6$nlk$>...
> Hi all,Can any one help me to draw the 3d curve for the following equation
> Z=(X)^2*(Y)^3.5*1.55/(1.51-(1.4096/Y))^2
> I am having X,Y,Z as 3 sets of points.
>        Thank you.

  Oliver Woodford has already advised you in another thread to use the 'plot3' function.  Just do this:


X, Y, and Z need to be either vectors or matrices of the same size.

  Note that in your equation you need the element-by-element operations using the "dot" notation:

 Z=X.^2 .* Y.^3.5 .* 1.55 ./ (1.51-1.4096./Y).^2 ;

Roger Stafford