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Subject: Re: is a loop going to be the best method?
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"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in 
message news:gmsl4l$3qo$
> "Steven Lord" <> wrote in message 
> <gmsb30$lma$>...
>> Roger,
>> I'm not sure FZERO ever supported multi-variable functions.  Are you sure
>> you're not reading the documentation for FSOLVE, which is in Optimization
>> Toolbox?  FSOLVE supports multivariable systems, while FZERO (which is in
>> MATLAB itself) does not.
>> -- 
>> Steve Lord
>  Steve, I was misled by that sentence in the 'fzero' documentation.  I 
> quoted it accurately.  It says: "fun is the function whose zero is to be 
> computed. It accepts a vector x and returns a scalar f, the objective 
> function evaluated at x."  I think the word 'vector' must be a 
> typographical error.  It doesn't make any sense as a vector unless the 
> output of 'fun' is also a vector of the same size.  Also John's quotation 
> of the help message stating that "FUN accepts real scalar input" bears 
> this out.

I think you're correct that the 'vector' in that statement was a typo.

Steve Lord