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"venkata ragavan " <> wrote in message <gjqskq$57r$>...
> Hi,
> I get the following error while i try to run my simulation.
> I have also tried using a memory block in the feedback line as suggested in few threads but it did not change the result. Pls do drop in your suggestions.
> ??? Derivative input 1 of 'LinearModel/Plant/Electrical/Integrator1' at time 0.002875 is Inf or
> NaN.  Stopping simulation.  There may be a singularity in the solution.  If not, try reducing the
> step size (either by reducing the fixed step size or by tightening the error tolerances).
> Thank you,
> Venkat

I've had the same error and didn't realise that the output was just to big so the Inf error was thrown. For example set the simulation time to 0.0028 and see if the output isn't to big.