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"thomas " <> wrote in message <gomlm2$a3j$>...
> I have created a plot with two ellipsoids in it, i now need to get them to rotate, does anyone know of any sources that may help me to implement this?
> ........

  You haven't yet answered Urs's question: "what - exactly - do you mean by ROTATE"?  What axes do you wish to rotate your two half-ellipses about?  As they stand they are not yet ellipsoids.  The only way you can make them into ellipsoids is to rotate them 2*pi radians about their respective major axes, but that would take you into the third dimension containing x, y, and z axes where you cannot make much use of the two-dimensional 'plot' function.  You very much need to clarify what it is you wish to do, Thomas.

Roger Stafford